A Majestic Baptism For Royal Van Oord

Credits: Van Oord

Vox Alexia and Calypso Vessels to be Christened in Rotterdam City Center on September 9, 2023. Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, graciously accepts the invitation to christen Vox Alexia.

Christening Lady Vox Alexia

Following the ceremony, she will embark on a ship tour and meet various staff members, including crew members and members of the Young Van Oord association.

Christening lady Calypso: Ms. Cerutti

In the afternoon, the christening of Calypso will take place, with Ms. Inca Cerutti having the honor of performing the ceremony. Ms. Cerutti, the wife of Niek Hoek, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, will also enjoy a ship tour following the christening.

Two New vessels

Vox Alexia, a trailing suction hopper dredger, efficiently gathers sand, clay, sludge, and gravel from sea or river beds. Like her recently christened sisters, Vox Ariane and Vox Apolonia, she boasts an LNG fuel system, marking a substantial reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional dredgers.

Calypso, Van Oord’s newest addition to its offshore wind fleet, is a dual cable-laying vessel featuring both above-deck and below-deck cable carousels. This unique configuration enables the simultaneous laying of two cables.

Calypso’s primary role will involve the installation of inter-array grid and export cables for offshore wind projects, a significant contribution to the ongoing energy transition efforts.

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Source: Van Oord