Man Dies Falling From The Superstructure Of A Cargo Ship

Credit: mathew-macquarrie-unsplash

Man dies after falling more than 50 feet at Port of Los Angeles, states a CBS News source.

Man dies at the Port of Los Angeles

A man died at the Port of Los Angeles on Wednesday, after falling more than 50 feet to his death.

According to Los Angeles Fire Department, the man fell onto the deck of a ship below, from the superstructure of a cargo ship docked near Terminal 400 on the Long Beach side of the port.

Beyond medical help

After arrival, firefighter paramedics “initiated resuscitative measures, but sadly, the man was beyond medical help,” LAFD said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity was not released.

Circumstances surrounding the man’s fall were not immediately known.


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Source: CBS News


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