A Move From Fossil Fuels To Future Fuels


Constantinos Capetanakis, bunker director of Starbulk, vice chairman of IBIA’s board of directors and chairman of the industry body’s are  working in a group on future fuels, says an article published in Ship & Bunker.

Green Fuels

The IBIA working group has already published a comprehensive assessment table for each of the main alternative fuel options on the organisation’s website for its members.

“On the whole, we should not lose sight of the fact that what we really need is green fuels,” Capetanakis told Ship & Bunker.

Alternative Fuels

“The current global production capacity of green alternative fuels can only meet a small portion of the global shipping demand and I don’t believe this situation is going to change soon”.

The alternative fuels under wider consideration must not only reduce emissions but should also be transportable, storable, producible, inexpensive and generate enough energy.

“So, it is not only, or so much, the technology but the whole supply chain and the required policies. This is what we are all working for and waiting for”.

Main Issues

Capetanakis indicatively identified the following as the main issues around the future fuels that IBIA’s working group is assessing and analysing:

•Regulatory framework

•Technical feasibility


•Current and projected production levels and locations

•Green fuel production levels

•Port infrastructure

Capetanakis Thoughts

“I don’t believe there is a clear front-runner, and the production needed to satisfy shipping fuel demand necessitates more than one fuel, so obviously multiple fuels will have a role to play, especially as different fuels are suitable for different types of vessels.

Production will face serious restraints so the shipping industry will surely need a mix of options “ Capetanakis added.

“In IBIA’s forthcoming Convention in Houston this November we shall strive to tackle these challenges and provide a holistic snapshot of where we are, where we need to go and most importantly, when,” Capetanakis said.

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Source: Ship & Bunker





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