A Much Needed Technology Support for Orsted


  • Leading U.S. offshore wind developer, Ørsted, has partnered with StormGeo for metocean forecasting services.
  • With metocean forecasting from StormGeo, Ørsted is better equipped to understand the weather conditions.
  • It marks an important milestone for both the agencies.

The renewable energy company Ørsted is a global leader in offshore wind. In addition to building more offshore wind farms than any other company, the company has repeatedly broken the record for the largest wind farm globally. Their offshore wind farms can currently be found in Denmark, the U.K, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and the U.S. StormGeo, a global provider of weather intelligence, has worked with Ørsted for more than five years, providing metocean forecasting for decision support to their offshore operations worldwide. 

Working in Synchronization 

The Block Island Wind Farm is the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. The popular tourist destination of Block Island was previously powered by diesel generators that burned approximately one million gallons of diesel per year. Now the island is powered by five offshore wind turbines, supplying 17,000 homes with reliable and renewable energy and feeding excess power into the Rhode Island grid. To ensure the turbines continue delivering clean and green energy to the grid, Ørsted relies on metocean forecasting from StormGeo for logistics planning, regular maintenance, and safe operations.

With metocean forecasting from StormGeo, Ørsted is better equipped to understand the weather conditions impacting the Block Island Wind Farm, such as wind, waves etc. Jostein Maelen, COO of Weather Insights at StormGeo commented, “We are proud to support Ørsted on its mission to accelerate the green transformation in the U.S”.

An amicable partnership

For StormGeo, the partnership with Ørsted marks an important milestone on the path to supporting ongoing offshore wind projects in the country.  “StormGeo wants to support the U.S. offshore wind industry and actively contribute to local economic growth and job creation. Partnering with Ørsted on the Block Island Wind Farm is yet another stepping stone for StormGeo to further expand into the U.S. offshore wind market” Jostein Maelen said. Initially, the metocean forecasting service was provided by StormGeo’s headquarters in Bergen, Norway. “StormGeo has worked with offshore wind in Europe for more than a decade…we are uniquely equipped to support Ørsted’s U.S. offshore wind assets.” says Anna Hilden, Global Industry Manager Offshore Wind at StormGeo. StormGeo offers easy-to-use and advanced meteorological services that help offshore wind developers and operators reduce cost, increase efficiency, and ensure safe operations.

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