A Paradigm Shift from Preventive/Planned to Predictive Maintenance


As we know that, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, our world is experiencing a tough economic climate. Shipping companies are finding ways to trim the Trans-fat by optimising their spend and thereby increasing savings. Environmental regulations further adds to the problem, as a result the day to day operations must take place with extra vigilance.

To better equip the Ship owners and Ship Manning companies, Viswa Lab has come out with a Monitoring Tool that will serve to maximize the profits by optimizing the spend, efficiency of the ship’s operation.

Preventive to Predictive Maintenance

VISWA ENERGY EFFICIENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will help the shipping companies’ experience a smooth paradigm shift from Preventive to Predictive maintenance. Such a big leap is made possible by VISWA Labs, with the help of data analytics on daily operational data, which is archived in VEEMS servers.

VEEMS’s ability to ease complex technical stuffs to everyone is visible from its simpler box design with few wires that helps in the flow of information, as datas from ship to office. The state of art technology used in VEEMS system uses complex programmes and advanced algorithms which plays a vital role in acquiring data and transmitting it back to the office server.

Prediction of the overhaul intervals and replacement of the spare parts is done by collecting data over a period of time, for about a year or so and analysing the pattern intensively. Thus the disparity in the deviation from the ideal values will enable us to nail down the overhaul intervals and provide us insights into the right spare which needs to be replaced.

The Challenges

Challenges of running machinery can be eradicated by finding the root cause using data analysis. At VISWA labs, a dedicated team is involved in analysing a huge data set acquired on a daily basis from the live ships. VISWA Labs is now in a move towards using data analysis which unfolds the difficulties underlying the operational issues and provides appropriate solutions.

Use of VEEMS

Currently VISWA is handling five ships that have VEEMS successfully running on board and three more systems are in the deployment phase. Around 240 live records are transmitted in a day, containing various parameters of a ship. Therefore, fifty live parameters are archived in the office systems for a vessel that will later be processed for predictive analysis.

VEEMS allows direct retrieval of Vital Live data from VEEMS on board server on the ship (without any manual interpretation), and transfer it via web service to the Office server. Thus reliable data with utmost accuracy is collected in the VEEMS office server.

Using the acquired data and built in algorithm, vital parameters are derived, which includes SFOC (Specific fuel oil consumption, gm/Kwh), Fuel efficiency (Kg/Nm), Power efficiency (Kwh/Nm), Hull efficiency, Optimum Trim for the chosen speed, Fuel on board Inventory on a daily basis, and various emission gases such as Carbon dioxide, SOx, NOx are quantified.

The derived parameters are readily available for the Ship owners/managers round the clock, at the click of a button.

Importance of VEEMS

VEEMS can be rightly called as a one stop solution, as it offers its users information on the Fuel bunkers, Lube oil and Cylinder oil analysis, which is readily available from the samples tested at Viswa Lab, both in the ship as well as office system. It helps to arrive at a decision whether to use the bunker or not, based on the test reports.

Above all, the system helps in providing the exact location of the ship every minute and also provides instant information like EEOI and SEEMP measures, collected during the audit by regulatory authorities.

In conclusion, the Future of Shipping is slowly experiencing a change in its work pattern from a different dimension. Ships with VEEMS system will be termed as Smart ships that will start interacting directly with the Ship Owners/managers. This ensures true transparency and makes us easier to act upon any kind of emergencies upfront without averting them. VEEMS assures ship owners yield maximum profits from efficient operation and maintaining clean seas.

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