A Plant To Treat Black And Grey Water Aboard


Evac Launches Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment


Adhering to the MARPOL requirements for waste management, EVAC – The supplier of complete water and wastewater management systems has launched a plant to treat wastewater.  Its new electrochemical wastewater treatment plant, Orca IV is a compact and modular design which aims to make it ideal for retrofitting to existing vessels and installation on new ships.

The system burns dry waste, wet waste, sludge oil and most kinds of solid waste.  Combustion takes place in a semi-pyrolytic process with the addition of combustion air in order to achieve smoke-free combustion.  The shredded burnable waste is fed by gravity into the incinerator feeding chamber.


  • This system is fully automatic in normal operation.
  • It requires maintenance only once in 3 months.
  • The hydraulic load for black and grey vacuum wastewater treatment ranges from 1500 to 70000 liters per day, depending on the models.
  • It does not require chemicals and there is no need for a separate sludge tank.

With more than 30 years on the maritime market, Evac has supplied equipment to more than 10,000 ships, including all types of cargo vessels but also cruise liners, passenger ro-ro ferries, vessels and rigs for the Oil & Gas offshore industry, naval vessels, submarines, fast ferries and superyachts. Evac provides complete onboard waste management solutions, including their quiet vacuum toilet collection system with ejectors, the MBR and ORCA types of wastewater systems capable of handling all black (sewage) and grey waters (from galleys, sinks, showers) and the food waste collection system and dry waste and garbage handling, all meeting the strict environmental requirements of IMO, the International Maritime Organization.

Source: EVAC


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