A-ROSA SENA Honored With Gold Level Green Award


A-ROSA’s ground-breaking new ship, A-ROSA SENA has been awarded a prestigious gold level Green Award. Recognising her innovative environmental credentials, the gold certification level is an accolade that has only been awarded to a handful of river cruise ships to date, reports an article published on their website.

Achieving high rating

Decisive factors which led to the ship achieving this high rating included the AdBlue exhaust gas cleaning system, the modern stage V diesel engines, and the ship’s efficient energy management with battery storage.

‘E-Motion’ system

A-ROSA SENA features an innovative hybrid propulsion ‘E-Motion’ system which combines a diesel engine and a separate electric motor, which is powered by batteries. This means that when approaching a port, the ship can switch to battery power, enabling it to arrive almost silently and emission-free. The vessel will be equipped with a shore power connection, so the battery can be charged overnight and then the ship can also depart the port in the same way.

A key element of this system is ‘peak shaving’ which stores extra energy generated by the diesel engine in the batteries. Additionally, exhaust gases that are produced by the diesel engine will be treated with an AdBlue SCR catalytic converter/particle filter, plus a state-of-the-art membrane system purifies the waste water produced on board.

Furthermore, A-ROSA SENA is the first river cruise ship in Europe to be fitted with an exhaust heat recovery system that enables it to convert exhaust heat into electricity and store it in the batteries for use when required.

About the award

The Green Award is a certificate awarded by the independent Green Award Foundation to ships and shipping companies that have made additional investments in their ships and crew, improving performance for environmental protection, safety and quality. Inland vessels that have applied for the programme are checked during a thorough inspection process and, if the result is positive, are classified in one of three levels: bronze, silver or gold. Through this certification, the Green Award programme aims to promote sustainable shipping and thus make a positive contribution to the environment.

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Source: A Rosa


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