A Ripple Effect Of Ongoing War In Russia


  • The blocking vessel was fitted with wind turbines, solar panels, and an improved power-management system making it a “green” refit.
  • Coral energy was turned around without unloading its controversial cargo.
  • The police took down the activists off the cranes and had taken over SY Witness, according to Offshore Energy.

A vessel that blocks the path of a bigger one, forcing it to leave, could sound like a combat scene. But the protagonists are an environmental organization’s sailing ship and a commercial tanker. The “battle” is a modern one, a ripple effect of the ongoing war in Ukraine told auto evolution in their recent article.

Unfolding the incident

Last week a tanker was delivering Russian gas at an LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal in Nynashamn, south of Stockholm. When a sailing vessel and its kayaks stopped it from docking, although the people were climbing on the cranes that would unload the gas, effectively “occupying” them.

A 508-foot (155 meters) Coral Energy tanker, the gas carrier was built in 2013, equipped with eco-friendly dual-fuel engines and a Dutch flag. 

The bold sailing vessel

The bold sailing vessel blocking its path was an SY Witness, launched as “the newest and greenest vessel in the Greenpeace fleet.” The boat was built in 2003, in South Africa and was also known as Pelagic Australis.

Plus, it’s the smallest in the fleet, at a length of 74 feet (22.5 meters), which is an asset. As it allows it to navigate in shallow waters that bigger ships can’t reach. This year, it kicked off its first operations, and this one was a success.

The carrier is currently “stuck” in the Baltic Sea, and has no clear destination. The system is reportedly showing the “For order” label, denoting its awaiting orders, according to marine tracking systems.

Similar actions took place in Norway and the UK, against the import of Russian gas, but even against oligarch-owned super yachts.

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Source: Auto Evolution


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