A Ship Carrying 19,000+ Containers Ran Aground


Accident : Vessel grounding
Date : 3rd February 2016
Vessel Type : Container ship
Location : Near Port of Hamburg
Casualties/Pollution : Nil

The container ship experienced a rudder breakdown while nearing Germany’s largest port Hamburg.  As a result, the containership has ran aground in the Elbe river in Hamburg in the evening hours of Wednesday.

Authorities dispatched five tugs to free the giant boxships, but the attempt did not succeed.  Hence, the authorities will make a second attempt to refloat the vessel.

The container ship carrying almost 19,000 containers was enroute from Felixstowe to Hamburg at the time of the incident.  All the crew members are safe and there were no signs of pollution.

Video Source: vesseltracker Germany on YouTube

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Source: Norddeutscher Rundfunk


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