A Student Who Stabbed Four Was Shot Dead


A male student at University of California, Merced who stabbed four others was shot dead in the University of California, Merced.


A male student and a resident of California who was living in the campus entered a classroom at about 8 a.m. on 4th November, carrying a hunting knife with an 8-inch to 10-inch blade and stabbed one of the students.

A 31-year-old contract worker Byron Price, thinking it was a fight, went into the classroom and ended up stumbling upon the stabbing in progress.  Through his actions, it can be guessed that he ended up saving this student’s life.  The suspect then ran across the street and came upon a faculty member.  He stabbed her in the back and front then continued to run.

UC Merced campus police then confronted the suspect.  Officers shot and killed the suspect when he continued to threaten the police.

The bomb squad was called to the scene because the suspect was carrying a backpack with unknown contents, Warnke said.

Two of those stabbed were transported for treatment via helicopter, the school said on Twitter, while the two others were treated on campus.

All of the victims are expected to recover, UC Merced officials said.

All classes were canceled and the campus was closed.  Officials said that the campus will also be closed on Thursday.  Normal operations is expected to resume on Friday.

The reason for the incident and the name details of the  suspect are under investigation.  Police is also investigating the relationship between the assailant and the victims

The violence has stunned a school community of about 6,100 students.  Counseling and Psychological Services are available to students affected by the incident.

Source: KCRA