A Successful Inspection Of Vessels


After a successful inspection by the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA), nine out of nineteen vessels were detained in the provinces of West and East Sepik as reported by Loop.


The inspection took place last week as part of the NMSA’s attempts to crack down on ship owners and operators who knowingly run unseaworthy boats in the Maritime Provinces, as well as to determine the actual number of vessels operating in the country for compliance purposes.

In September of this year, the NMSA began its maiden inspection in West New Britain, when eight out of eleven vessels were detained. Officer-in-Charge Aaron Tupa and Manager –Investigation & Enforcement Joseph Pyawan, both from Vanimo, did the inspection.

Sera and Aitape in West Sepik Province were inspected, as were Wewak, Awain, and Kanduanum in East Sepik Province.


Eleven vessels were inspected in the Sera and Aitape zones, respectively. Five of them were detained. Meanwhile, nine vessels were inspected and four were held in Wewak, Awain, and Kanduanum.

After attempting to ferry 51 people between Wewak and Kupiano in Central Province, the watercraft MT Shun Shang 1 and DB Tai Han 8 were examined and detained in Awain log pond in Wewak, according to a report.

Both vessels were examined and detained at the Wewak wharf while pumping diesel oil into the barge, according to the report. The vessels have been detained.

Given the country’s poor weather circumstances, community leaders and police officials in other Maritime Provinces are encouraged to cooperate together to prevent needless marine accidents caused by the operations of unseaworthy vessels throughout the festive season.

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Source: Loop


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