A Waterway That Displays Harriet Tubman’s Grit, A Befitting Tribute


As container ships and bulk carriers make their way through the Chesapeake Bay, they could soon blow horn in tribute to Harriet Tubman, reports Sea News.

Harriet Tubman Waterway Naming?

HR 1242 Resilience Project launches a campaign to rename Virginia Inside Passage (VIP) to the Harriet Tubman Waterway. In 1994, the US Navy commission SS Tubman, a Liberty class ship used for cargo during WW II, after Harriet Tubman, abolitionist and freedom fighter who was credited with helping hundreds of enslaved Africans reach freedom via Underground Railroad.

“Harriet Tubman had extreme faith and the grit of a warrior. Let’s give her the Harriet Tubman Waterway”, said Mooney.

A Lasting Tribute

The renaming of the Virginia Inside Passage would surely be a lasting tribute for Harriet Tubman.

About The Waterway

  • The VIP is roughly 68 nautical miles of marshland and shallow bays from Cape Charles, Virginia to Ocean City, Maryland, and to Delaware.
  • The mouth of this waterway begins at the Chesapeake Bay, which was the entry point of many slave ships arriving from West Africa.
  • On his fourth try, Mooney crossed the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat from Africa, a first for an African-American. When he reached American waters, he oared his way North.
  • In the Chesapeake Bay, he entered the Virginia Inside Passage en-route to New York.

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Source: Sea News


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