A Word Of Caution For The People Using Tattoo



How many of you are interested in having a tattoo on your skin? Then please go through this article.

Researchers at New York University have revealed that at least six percent of adults who put tattoos on their skin have some tattoo related rash, itching, swelling, etc.  It can last for months and in some cases it lasts for years.

A senior Study investigator, Marie Leger, a dermatologist reveals, “We were rather alarmed at the high rate of reported chronic complications tied to getting a tattoo.  Given the growing popularity of tattoos, physicians, public health officials and consumers need to be aware of the risks involved.”

The most common tattoo ink colours, Red and Black, which when being injected as tattoo becomes the long-lasting complications in skin regions reveals the data.


  • Some skin regions can be treated with steroid drugs that are anti-inflammatory.
  • Some may be treated with laser surgery.
  • If the reactions are strong then, the necessity prevails to remove the tattooed skin area.

The dermatologist reveals that, “It is not yet known if the reactions being observed are due to chemicals in the ink itself or to other chemicals, such as preservatives or brighteners, added to them or the chemicals’ breakdown over time.  The skin is a highly immune-sensitive organ, and the long-term consequences of repeatedly testing the body’s immune system with injected dyes and coloured inks are poorly understood. Some of the reactions appear to be an immune response, yet we do not know who is most likely to have an immune reaction to a tattoo.”

Source: NYU Langone Medical Center