AAL Powers Queensland’s Vital Project

Credits: Tom Fisk/ Pexels

AAL Shipping (AAL) has recently accomplished the seamless transportation of essential power station components, manufactured by Toshiba, in a single shipment from China and Japan to Queensland, Australia, as published on AAL Shipping.

Widespread power outrages

Global logistics provider DB Schenker has chosen AAL, a trusted partner, for a USD 200 million project to repair the Callide Power Station in Queensland, Australia. The power plant experienced turbine failures, resulting in widespread power outages. AAL’s reliable monthly liner service, the ‘Asia-East Coast Australia Liner Service,’ was used to transport a 270-tonne transformer and 600CBM of accessories on the vessel ‘AAL Singapore’ from the Port of Shanghai to the Port of Gladstone. At the client’s request, the vessel made a detour to Yokohama, Japan, to load additional critical accessories for the project. AAL also successfully transferred a large 276-tonne generator stator from the wharf to a waiting barge using its heavy lift cranes.

Critical delivery dates

Through cooperation, flexibility, and trust between carrier AAL and customer DB Schenker, significant value was delivered beyond the initial project scope. The project involved complex heavy lift operations, shore-ship transfers, and meeting critical delivery dates. The discharge was only possible during daylight hours, requiring precise positioning of the transformer and generator stator onto Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) on a barge. The components were transported by road for the final 100 kilometres to the Callide Power Station in central Queensland, covering a total distance of almost 9,000 kilometres. The project was completed on time and without issues, ensuring the power station’s vital works proceed without delays.

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Source: Aal Shipping