ABB Azipod Receives The Finnish Engineering Award


  • The annual Finnish Engineering Award is given by TEK, Finland’s largest association for academic engineers and architects, for a creditable invention and practical application that puts theory into practice.
  • ABB’s Azipod® propulsion system, which has been successfully servicing the shipping sector for 30 years, will be the recipient of the Finnish Engineering Award in 2021.
  • The monetary reward of 30,000 euros will be dedicated to the protection of the Baltic Sea.

With a professional network of over 75,000 members, TEK is Finland’s largest organisation for academic engineers and architects. Since 1980, TEK and its sister organisation TFiF have presented the Finnish Engineering Award in its current form. The ABB Azipod® propulsion system received the 2021 award, which included an honorary diploma and a monetary prize of 30,000 euros as reported by ABB.

Improving shipping needs

ABB has developed Azipod® propulsion over three decades to address the diverse and ever-changing needs of shipping businesses, enhancing the performance of all types of boats.

Azipod® technology is already used on over 25 different vessel types, ranging from cruise ships to freight carriers, icebreakers, ferries, and superyachts.

Over the course of 30 years, ABB has sold more than 700 Azipod® devices.

The Azipod® technology can spin 360 degrees since the electric drive motor is housed outside the ship hull in a pod. This increases manoeuvrability and allows even the largest vessels to dock in harbours with tight turning circles.

“We are honoured and appreciative for this award, which acknowledges our long-standing development of Azipod® propulsion technology, which has established a vital position in the shipping sector over the years,” said Antti Ruohonen, ABB Marine & Ports’ Head of Marine Propulsion.

Greatest innovations

“One of the most significant developments in the global marine sector is azipod® propulsion.”

The John Nurminen Foundation, which supports Baltic Sea protection and marine culture, will receive the entire monetary prize from ABB Marine & Ports.

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Source: ABB





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