ABB Claims To Cut Fuel Consumption Up To 20%


ABB Turbocharging has launched a new digital solution which it says can enable potential combined emission savings of up to 20%, reports BunkerSpot.

About Tekomar XPERT 

Tekomar XPERT marine comprises three modules covering the engine, hull and propeller, and emissions.

Insight to performance

Combined, ABB Turbocharging says these modules provide insights into ship performance, allowing shipping companies to make better operating decisions, which lead to ‘notable’ fuel savings.

Improved CII ratings

This, in turn, enables vessels to achieve improved Carbon Intensity Index (CII) ratings while charter party conformity on emissions reporting is also eased.

Digital offering

‘Tekomar XPERT marine raises our digital offering to a new level by adding the hull and propeller, and emission modules to our engine room offering.

Real customer value

These combined analytics deliver real customer value through enabling greater efficiencies,’ said Cristian Corotto, Vice President Digital Customer Solutions ABB Turbocharging.

Optimising engine performance

‘For example, fuel savings of up to 3 tonnes per day can be achieved by optimising performance of the engines alone, which translates to some 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions per day.’

Corotto continued: ‘Just as important is the system’s delivery of information needed to support decision-making related to the optimal timing of cleaning events, and the identification of the root cause of reduced propulsion efficiency. Essentially, with Tekomar XPERT marine customers are ready for the next level of data-driven decision making.’

Digital analytics

Results of analyses from all the three modules are immediately available to shipowners and operators, and the solution can be integrated to work with existing data collection systems without the need for installing additional hardware. The expanded digital analytics offering promotes benchmarking, historic tracking and forecasting.

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Source: Bunkerspot