ABB’s Ambitious ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Integrated Operations’!



‘Internet Of Things’

ABB has recently announced its new Integrated Operations center in Singapore, Asia – and this would be the third such center where ABB aims high to track sun across the globe which could prove ABB’s dream come true which hosts a principle of the Internet of Things, Services and People.

Data from sensors to satellite and to the shore – where the ship managers can monitor vessel’s performance and on the other end, ABB’s engineers can analyze the data and work with the ship’s on board and shore-side team to achieve operational excellence.

“The opening of the new integrated operations center in Singapore will ensure the very best service for our clients,” said Mahesh Krishnappa, vice president of ABB’s marine and ports business in Singapore.

“Our service engineers are available 24/7 but there are clear benefits for customers when they can speak to an engineer who is working during regular working hours with a ship’s data in front of them,” he added.

Typically, at the end of the working day, the Singapore centre will hand over to colleagues in Norway and Finland and this process will continue across the globe when a further integrated operations centre is opened in the US later this year.

ABB can currently connect to around 600 ships.

Watch the Video on ABB’s Integrated Operations:

‘Integrated Operations’

What could be the impact of various digital technologies over the maritime industry?

ABB has answered the above question in the form of a white paper which can be downloaded from here.  

“Often described as conservative, the maritime industry has woken up to the potential offered by connectivity and digitalisation resulting from improved satellite coverage and cloud computing,” noted Ulrike Haugen, group Vice-President, global marketing and communications, ABB Marine and Ports.

“Owners and operators are increasingly looking for suppliers that can deliver remote equipment performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and condition-based maintenance.”

The Whitepaper has a fantastic demonstration and key indicators were essential points of concern are addressed in detail.

Some of the salient points extracted from the paper are:

Five steps to autonomous operations:


Integrated Solutions:


MFAME will cover certain important noteworthy points from the white paper in the coming days.

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