ABB’s OCTOPUS Marine Software Improves Safety and Efficiency of TPI Megaline Vessel


Mega Caravan semi-submersible vessel is utilizing with ABB’s decision support system


The Korean heavy lift company TPI Megaline has selected ABB’s predictive OCTOPUS marine software to ensure safe and efficient operations on one of its vessels.  Mega Caravan transports huge loads such as oil rigs and drill ships, ABB’s software will assist the ship’s officers so the vessel is not subject to dynamic weather and accelerations.  TPI Megaline’s customers will also be able to monitor the journey from shore, via ABB’s Fleet Portal.

The ship’s parameters along with those of the load are entered into the software and this information is combined with weather forecasts to calculate a motion forecast.  The captain, therefore, has a clear indication of the safest and most efficient heading for the vessel.  In addition to the motion forecast functionality, a three sensor motion measurement set-up is installed on the vessel.  The set-up allows the system to measure motions on the vessel anywhere in the world – this information can then be seen in real time by both shore-side by the shipping company and owner of the cargo.

“ABB’s OCTPOPUS marine software is raising efficiency and safety in the shipping industry,” said Juha Koskela, Managing Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports business.  “Through increased connectivity we are helping TPI Megaline strengthen its shore side capabilities.”

TPI started to use OCTOPUS in 2014 when it installed hydrodynamic analysis software in order to perform seakeeping calculations for heavy cargo transportations before departure.

Jeewon Seong , Project Manager at TPI Megaline said, “For us it was a logical step to take our collaboration one step further by utilizing ABB’s onboard OCTOPUS marine software system for real-time decision support during heavy cargo transportations on the Mega Caravan vessel.”

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