ABN AMRO’s Role In Transforming Ship Finance For Decarbonization


  • ABN AMRO Bank’s approach to ship finance embraces sustainability, aligning capital allocation with internal goals and external regulations.
  • Head of Shipping, Anastassia Tcherneva, emphasizes the bank’s advisory role, guiding clients in decarbonization efforts and managing risks.
  • The evolving landscape includes measuring decarbonization against KPIs and exploring alternative finance sources.

Decarbonization in Shipping: The Role of Ship Finance

In the pursuit of sustainable and decarbonized shipping, ship finance emerges as a pivotal player. ABN AMRO Bank, recognizing the gradual nature of this transition, adopts a holistic approach to finance, considering sustainability factors, asset values, liquidity, and potential for sustainable fuels. This section explores the evolving role of ship finance in steering the maritime industry toward a greener future.

Banks in Transition: Adapting to New Sustainability Standards

Amid rising capital requirements and increased scrutiny on allocated capital, banks are adapting to new sustainability standards. Anastassia Tcherneva, Head of Shipping at ABN AMRO Bank, discusses how the bank navigates the complexities of decarbonization, taking a comprehensive view that factors in risks, sector attractiveness, and long-term sustainability credentials. This section delves into the changing landscape of ship finance and its alignment with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Beyond Traditional Finance: Exploring Alternative Solutions

As the shipping sector charts its course towards decarbonization, traditional finance models may not suffice. ABN AMRO is at the forefront, not only providing traditional ship finance but also exploring alternative forms of capital for projects involving new technologies and alternative fuels. This section sheds light on the innovative capital solutions and alternative finance sources that play a crucial role in supporting the industry’s gradual shift toward sustainability.

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Source: Riviera