About us

Bunker Fuels constitute more than 50% of the operational cost of the vessel. There are 2 principal sides to the bunker industry. One side is the physical supplier, the wholesaler, the refinery etc – all involved in supplying the bunker fuels. On the other side we have the fuel users, the people who are sailing on ships, running the engines and using the fuel. The focus of the supplier group is to maximize the profits. The focus of the user group is to operate the machinery without major problems and with highest efficiency. The supplier group is well organized to have their voice heard everywhere including International organizations that set the fuel specifications and standards. The user community, though larger in number is scattered, disunited and lacking a forum or a means to convey their opinion and their problems with regard to bunker fuels and marine engines. Mfame hopes to step into this gap and provide a very useful and helpful forum for the fuel users. This will be available free of charge and educate, entertain & keep the marine user informed of the latest developments, solutions to problems & all matters of professional interest. It will cover many topics including the following

  1. News from different parts of the world
  2. Sports & Games,
  3. Money, Investment, Tax matters of Vital Interests,
  4. Health Care – Disease prevention, cure & advisory services,
  5. Education and Institutions,
  6. Careers and Jobs,
  7. Examination matters and many more features.

The higher purpose of this website is to improve the quality of bunker fuels, and find solutions that can enable trouble-free running of marine engines.  

It will keep the three most important players of this industry engaged in solving fuel problems, fuel-related machinery problems – all experienced by the fuel user.

There are no bad fuels or bad fuel suppliers; there are no bad-quality engines; and there are no fuel users who are fault finders. There is only thing: Inadequate knowledge.

Knowledge empowers to solve problems. It is our objective to empower fuel-users through knowledge.

  • Information is not knowledge
  • Knowledge is not intelligence
  • Intelligence is not wisdom

The website is run by maritime professionals who have experienced many years of fuel usage, machinery problems and are interested in finding solutions.