ABS Appoints New Head Of Global Sustainability

Credits: motomoto sc

Panos Koutsourakish has been appointed by classification society ABS as head of its global sustainability team, says an article published on Seatrade-maritime.

Global network of sustainability

Koutsourakish has taken up the post of Vice President, Global Sustainability for ABS having been has been ABS Director, Global Sustainability since 2020.

In the new role he heads-up a global network of sustainability centers in key maritime locations, including Singapore, Athens, Houston, Copenhagen and Shanghai.

Intersection of technology

“ABS is a pioneer in marine and offshore sustainability and is playing a defining role in shaping the clean energy transition. ABS operates at the intersection of technology, regulation and safety. That’s our sweet spot,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO.

Operational strategies

“With his extensive experience of the industry and deep insight into the technologies and operational strategies, Panos will continue to build on our leadership position and support the evolution of a more sustainable industry.”

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Source: Seatrade-maritime


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