ABS Awards Sustainability Notations To Harvey Gulf OSVs


  • ABS has awarded the SUSTAIN-1 notation to two Harvey Gulf International Marine offshore support vessels.
  • The notation recognizes how the vessels’ design and operation is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

A pair of Harvey Gulf International Marine Offshore Support Vessels have been awarded the ABS SUSTAIN 1 Notation recognizing how their design and operation is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), reports the official website.

ABS SUSTAIN 1 Notation

To earn the notation, the Harvey Blue-Sea and Harvey Sub-Sea vessels were among 12 of the Harvey Gulf fleet evaluated by the class society for their performance against six of the UNSDG’s criteria.

The remaining 10 vessels are also being considered for Sustain notations.

The notations recognise forward-looking operators’ commitment to supporting the UNSDGs and to maintaining a sustainable fleet,’ explained Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Director, Global Sustainability. ‘It reflects the operators’ commitment to a holistic as opposed to an incremental approach toward sustainability.’

Sustainability Class 2 notation

Harvey Gulf is also working with ABS to achieve Sustainability Class 2 for its tri-fuelled platform supply vessel (PSV) fleet.

Shane Guidry Harvey Gulf, Chairman and CEO, said: ‘When Harvey made the $400 million investment into our dual-fuel PSVs, and then began the process of converting all of them to tri-fuel, I had no idea how important Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability would become for operation of vessels in the oil and gas service industry. Well, it’s crystal clear. It’s here to stay. And it’s here to grow in a big way.’

Guidry continued: ‘I have set the stage for Harvey Gulf to be the leader and will continue to do so with this great partnership we have with ABS.’

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Source: ABS


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