ABS Mou For Advanced Hydrogen-Fueled Vessel

Credit: ABS

ABS partnered with KHIA and UOUFIC to develop a 40-seat hydrogen-powered tourist vessel with a 350-kW fuel cell. The Container news source.

  • ABS partners with KHIA and the University of Ulsan to develop a 40-seat hydrogen-powered tourism vessel, aligning with Korea’s hydrogen strategy.
  • The collaboration aims to explore hydrogen and shipbuilding technologies, contributing to the global shift toward sustainable energy.
  • ABS continues to support hydrogen transportation as a marine fuel in line with evolving energy trends.

Korea’s Hydrogen Vessel Partnership

The zero-emission vessel is one of the initiatives related to Korea’s national hydrogen strategy in terms of research, development, and demonstration (RD&D).

“KHIA is very happy to commence this agreement with ABS and the University of Ulsan for the development of hydrogen ships in the future,” said Donghui Lee, chairman of KHIA.

ABS, KHIA, Ulsan University Partnership

Professor Ock Taeck Lim of the University of Ulsan stated that the MOU with ABS and KHIA will allow them to study various technologies in the sectors of hydrogen and shipbuilding.

“ABS is proud to explore new technologies and work together on innovative projects with knowledgeable stakeholders such as KHIA and the University of Ulsan,” stated Vassilios Kroustallis, ABS senior vice president of Global Business Development.

As part of the worldwide energy shift, ABS provides assistance in the implementation and transportation of hydrogen as a marine fuel.


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Source- Container News


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