ACME’s Collaboration With Hydrogenious For Green Hydrogen Shipping


ACME Group is embarking on a feasibility study in collaboration with Germany-based Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies to explore the viability of utilizing proprietary technology for shipping green hydrogen from Oman to Europe. This endeavour aims to leverage innovative solutions to address the challenges associated with long-distance hydrogen transportation.

Need for LOHCs

Hydrogen transportation poses significant challenges due to its low volumetric energy density, necessitating costly storage methods such as compression or cryogenics. The adoption of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs) offers a promising alternative, enabling hydrogen to be stored and transported efficiently without significant infrastructure modifications.

Cost-Effective Solution with LOHC Technology

Hydrogenious utilizes thermal oil benzyl toluene as an LOHC, enabling hydrogen to be chemically bonded to stable liquid organic carriers. This method eliminates the need for compression or freezing, reducing transportation costs and minimizing hydrogen losses. Moreover, the inherent safety and stability of LOHCs make them suitable for handling hydrogen in various environments, including ports and urban areas.

Growing Market for LOHCs

The partnership between Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies and renewable energy firms, along with initiatives such as the creation of a “hydrogen highway” between Scotland and Rotterdam, signifies the expanding market for LOHC technology. Moreover, Japanese companies are exploring alternative hydrogen carriers like methylcyclohexane (MCH), indicating the growing global interest in innovative solutions for hydrogen transportation.

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Source: ENGINE