Acta Marine Orders Methanol-powered CSOVs


Dutch offshore vessel owner Acta Marine has placed an order at the Turkish shipyard Tersan for the construction of two next generation dual-fuel methanol powered construction service operating vessels (CSOVs) with two optional vessels for delivery at a later stage, reads an official release.

Order for CSOV newbuilds

The vessels are primarily aimed at the offshore wind construction market and carry the new SX-216 TWIN-X Stern design from Ulstein Design & Solutions that was exclusively designed for and in cooperation with Acta Marine.

The 89 m long CSOV newbuilds will be able to take on assignments in the commissioning and construction of offshore wind farm installation phases and perform maintenance tasks on completed wind farms. The first two vessels are scheduled for delivery in the second and third quarters of 2024.

Minimizing the carbon footprint

Acta Marine sees methanol as one of the most viable alternatives to minimize its carbon footprint in the marine space and more specifically for offshore vessels.

Dual fuel methanol driven propulsion trains score high in terms of technology readiness and are eligible for further enhancement to a single fuel methanol upgrade at a later stage. This will allow early application of significant CO2 reduction measures now, while still allowing net-zero operations over the life of the ship”, stated Simon Anink, general manager at Acta Marine.

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Source: Acta Marine


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