Action-Added Trailer to Promote ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Anime Movie



Cinemas including animated movies are promoted by trailers and sometime when the final trailer fails to enthuse audience an extended first look or trailer with a few more thrilling scenes added will be released. Ghost in the Shell anime movie was released this Summer in Japan, Toho.  The promoters have resorted to a 12 minute long extended first look that’s more action packed.

The story goes like this: Motoko Kusanagi and her team are engaged to resolve a hostage situation at an embassy, and save the civilians. It is well choreographed, action packed and animated.  But the shading is rather flat.

When the time-frame of movies is reduced, the narrative has to be speeded up and more direct. In the case of Arise that’s a good thing.  This new anime movie definitely gives the Hollywood production team an opportunity to evaluate and hopefully understand the reason behind the success of  ‘Ghost in the Shell’ for so long!


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