Activist Chained Himself to the Highest Part of the Ship


Greenpeace activists, on Wednesday, chained themselves to the supply ship of an oil exploration vessel in New Zealand’s Taranaki port to stop the ship from producing seismic waves through blasts in the seabed that they say adversely impacts the environment and marine life.

The blockade

Resupply ship Mermaid Searcher was docked in the port in North Island to stock up for Amazon Warrior, a giant 125-metre long ship, which is exploring New Zealand’s oceanic depths for oil on behalf of various petroleum companies, Efe news reported.

“By stopping the resupply vessel, we’re impacting the Amazon Warrior’s search for oil and gas in New Zealand’s pristine ocean,” said Amanda Larsson, head of the non-profit’s New Zealand climate campaign.

The Disrespect

Cameron Madgwick, Executive Director of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand, said the protest was “disappointing and unjust” to the staff of the ship.

Activists voice

The environmental NGO said the Amazon Warrior had been blasting thousands of square kilometres of the New Zealand seabed “in search of oil and gas that are fuelling climate change” and also disturbing with the communication and food systems of blue whales and other marine life.

According to news website Stuff, the police arrested four activists — while one activist remained chained to the highest part of the ship — and may charge them under the Anadarko Amendment” of 2013 that criminalises interference with oil exploration in the sea.

In 2017, many environmentalists, including the Executive Director of Greenpeace New Zealand, Russel Normon, swam in front of Amazon Warrior — while it was exploring for oil — close to the Wairapa coast in the North Island aiming to stop seismic blasting.

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Source: Business Standard


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