AD Ports Group Ventures Into Marine Lubricants Distribution


AD Ports Group, a key player in global trade and logistics, has recently announced a significant expansion in its business scope by venturing into the distribution of marine lubricants. This move stems from a strategic partnership with ADNOC Distribution, a leading manufacturer of lubricants in the UAE.

Strategic Partnership for Global Distribution

AD Ports Group and ADNOC Distribution have joined forces to distribute high-quality marine lubricants, initially targeting customers within the UAE before expanding globally. The agreement highlights the commitment of both entities to capitalize on the growing demand in the marine lubricants market.

Value Addition through Advanced Infrastructure

Leveraging its extensive infrastructure and global network of terminals, the Ports Cluster of AD Ports Group aims to provide efficient distribution solutions, ensuring a seamless supply chain for customers worldwide. This collaboration signifies a strategic alignment to deliver unparalleled value to stakeholders.

Enhancing Supply Chain Reliability

By partnering with AD Ports Group, ADNOC Distribution aims to enhance its distribution capabilities, accessing over 70 international destinations. This strategic move ensures a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality lubricants, meeting the diverse needs of customers across various industries.

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Source: AD Ports Group