Adapting To Evolution: Insights Into Q1 2024 Tanker Industry Dynamics


The first quarter of 2024 witnessed notable dynamics in the tanker industry, marked by changes in import volumes, shifting trade routes, and evolving market preferences. As tankers increasingly opt for routes via the Cape of Good Hope amidst security concerns in the Red Sea area, significant implications emerge for tonne-mile demand, trade patterns, and vessel segments.

Impacts of Shifting Trade Routes

The redirection of tanker routes via the Cape of Good Hope in response to security risks in the Red Sea has led to a substantial increase in tonne-mile demand. This shift has not only affected sailing distances and transit volumes but also influenced cargo preferences and trade flows, particularly between Asia and Europe.

Segment Dynamics and Supply Constraints

The changing landscape of tanker trades has resulted in varied impacts across vessel segments. VLCCs have emerged as primary beneficiaries in the dirty tanker trade, while smaller MRs and LR2s have witnessed increased tonne mile demand in the clean tanker trade. However, with minimal fleet growth expected in 2024, supply/demand dynamics are anticipated to remain tight, particularly for vessels avoiding the Suez Canal.

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Source: BIMCO