Addressing Antibiotic Misuse: Concerns In Maritime Health Management


Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) is raising concerns about the growing trend of unnecessary antibiotic use among seafarers, which poses risks of antibiotic resistance and future health complications. They advocate for greater medical input from professionals to ensure proper treatment onboard vessels.

Key Features

  1. Improper Antibiotic Use:
    • MMS highlights the prevalence of seafarers resorting to antibiotics for various health issues without proper medical assessment, potentially exacerbating health problems and fostering antibiotic resistance.
  2. Need for Professional Medical Assistance:
    • CEO Dr Jens Tülsner emphasizes the importance of ships’ Masters seeking professional medical guidance, such as telemedical consultations, to ensure timely and appropriate treatment, mitigating risks to seafarers’ health and preventing economic losses.
  3. Impact on Crew Wellbeing and Operations:
    • Insufficient medical training for ships’ Masters leads to premature antibiotic administration and health complications among seafarers, often resulting in hospitalization and repatriation. This not only burdens maritime companies financially but also disrupts operations and jeopardizes crew wellbeing.

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Source: Ship Management