Advanced Free Fall Life Boat – New World Record


Norsafe, the world’s leading provider of marine life-saving systems, has set a new world record.  The 52 feet long GES50 MKIII has a capacity of 70 passengers.  It was dropped successfully from a height of 40 meters with ten people onboard.  There has never before been a staffed lifeboat dropped from this height.


  • The first manned lifeboat from 40 meters height.
  • GES50 MKIII is one of the largest and most advanced lifeboats in the world.
  • This drop operation was held at the newly opened training and test center in Rosendal.
  • Norsafe holds a previous world record for the drop of an unmanned lifeboat GES52 from a height of 66.8 meters.

Norsafe is a world leader in manufacturing, delivery and service of maritime security equipment.  The Norwegian Maritime Authority has certified Norsafe to serve a course provider following the STCW Code.  Now, Norsafe is a complete provider of maritime safety services.

Michael Røssland, Vice President, Norsafe Academy Rosendal said, “The feeling of diving into the water was amazing.  It was even more exciting to know that no one else has done this before.  We knew in advance that there were no risks associated with the dropping of the lifeboat from the 40- meter height.”

Geir Skaala, a proud CEO said, “We are today the only lifeboat manufacturer who can offer both production, service and certified training.  It was a milestone to establish Norsafe Academy in Rosendal, which today has the largest tower for lifeboat testing in the North Sea.”