Advancing Dual-Fuel Shipbuilding with Certified Methanol Valves


  • Methanol is integral to the green transition in maritime industries, along with advanced vent and valve systems for methanol tanks.
  •  Recently, a series of high-velocity methanol valves produced in Denmark received certification for the first time. 
  • This certification provides shipbuilders with greater flexibility in constructing dual-fuel systems with extended vent pipes.

Importance of Valve Systems

Valve systems are crucial for managing pressure and vacuum in methanol tanks, ensuring fire safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiency. These systems must meet stringent certification requirements.

According to Sofia Alexandra Grave, Research and Development Manager at Pres-Vac Engineering, the IMO 1621 regulations and other regulatory bodies set the standards for dual-fuel ships. Shipbuilders have struggled with planning new builds due to a lack of compliant suppliers. However, this situation is improving.

Certification Success and Industry Impact

Pres-Vac, a Danish company, recently received approval for their high-velocity methanol valves under several standards, including IMO 1621, ISO 15364:2021, ISO 16852:2016, and IMO MSC Circ. 677. The updated certification allows these valves to be used on longer pipes, providing shipbuilders with more flexibility. Pres-Vac’s valves are currently the only ones on the market that meet such rigorous standards, aiming to exceed minimum requirements for long-term dependability.

Technological Advancements in Valve Systems

Pres-Vac’s latest products, the PV-ECO and PV-VOC valves, feature significant technological advancements. The PV-ECO is optimized for chemical products and long pipelines, while the PV-VOC is ideal for crude oil applications. Both models incorporate enhanced flow control and breather functionality, reducing gas emissions and ensuring efficient operation. These valves operate mechanically, offering additional safety without electronic controls.

Engaging the Industry in Transformation

Grave emphasizes the need to engage shipowners in discussions about compliance and cost, particularly as the industry shifts to dual-fuel. The total cost of ownership and the complex regulatory environment demand a new mindset within the industry.

Pres-Vac’s Role in Industry Standards 

Pres-Vac has developed products that enhance safety and efficiency while actively participating in shaping industry standards. Their innovations help shipowners comply with future regulations and adopt greener technologies, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions as the industry moves towards stricter environmental standards. Additionally, their valves feature very low leakage rates and are nearly noiseless compared to competitors.

Customizable Solutions for Diverse Needs

Pres-Vac offers highly customizable solutions tailored to specific requirements, from valve size to operational pressure ranges. This flexibility allows shipbuilders and owners to implement systems that precisely fit their operational needs, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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Source: G&O Maritime Group