Advancing Methane Abatement In Maritime Innovation: MAMII’s Success Story


Safetytech Accelerator, along with Capital Gas Ship Management, MSC, and Seapeak, completed four feasibility studies under the Methane Abatement in Maritime Innovation Initiative (MAMII). These studies aim to address the challenge of reducing methane emissions from LNG-fueled ships, with promising results.

Feasibility Study Outcomes

  • Daphne Technology’s SlipPureTM system shows the potential to annually reduce methane emissions by up to 440 metric tons in container ships.
  • CDTi’s engine catalyst could enhance methane conversion at lower temperatures, requiring minimal fleet adjustments.
  • Plenesys demonstrated a solution reducing methane slip by 78%, converting it into hydrogen, while Rotoboost offers benefits like additional revenue from carbon by-products.

Moving Forward

MAMII plans to advance these projects to on-ship trials promptly. Launched in September 2022, MAMII aims to unite industry leaders and innovators to tackle methane emissions in the maritime sector, with 20 leading companies as Anchor Partners.

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