After a Spanish Port Ban, A Danish-Operated Tanker Will Leave The EU

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After being turned away by Spain over an oil transfer associated with a ship that was formerly flying the Russian flag, the Maersk Magellan tanker is now travelling into open waters and seeking a destination outside of the European Union, according to its Danish operator Maersk Tankers, as reported by Financial Post.

Hampering fuel trade 

The Group of Seven industrialised nations’ imposition of a price restriction on Russian oil in December and separate European Union regulations that became effective on February 5 to forbid Russian crude and oil products have hampered fuel trading.

Even cargo flown under flags other than those of Russia may not be safe.

On February 10, the Singapore-flagged Maersk Magellan was denied access into Spain’s northeastern Tarragona port when it was discovered that a Russian-flagged ship had previously carried its cargo of oil products.

New journey orders 

The destination has not yet been decided, but it will be outside of the EU, a Maersk Tankers representative said on Friday. “We are currently waiting for new journey orders,” the spokesperson added.

The tanker, whose navigational destination was stated as the Mediterranean Sea, was seen going by the southern Greek shore on Friday according to ship tracking data.

According to Maersk Tankers, the ship left its station outside of Tarragona on Tuesday. The Greek port of Kalamata was the ship’s next location, according to ship tracking.

According to a representative of the Greek shipping ministry, “so far, we have not received a request from the vessel to dock in Kalamata,” adding that ships frequently alter their destinations while en route.

The ship could not “access… according to the norms, any EU port,” according to Spain’s Merchant Fleet on Wednesday.

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Source: Financial Post


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