AI Based Rapid Fire Suspension System With 98% Accuracy


South Korea’s national research agency has invented a novel technology that can detect a fire in its early stages and automatically spray water on fire origins such as firemen, allowing fires in ships, maritime plants, and high-rise buildings to be quickly extinguished, says an article published in Aju Business Daily.

Minimize damage

It can compensate for the shortcomings of existing fire-fighting systems, such as sprinklers that spray water throughout the building.

By determining the authenticity of a fire using sensors, monitors, and artificial intelligence, the autonomous fire exitnguishing system is designed to operate only on actual fires and minimise damage to surrounding equipment and facilities, according to the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM)

Traditional equipment sprays unnecessary fire fighting water when a false alarm is triggered, inflicting significant damage.

Fire detection accuracy

According to the institute, the new system has a fire detection accuracy of 98 percent or higher, and fire extinguisher water may be blasted up to 65 metres. 

Researchers discovered that the new method may be used on ships, ammunition depots, military stores, aircraft hangars, and logistics warehouses after conducting simulations.

Early stages

According to KIMM, the new technology can put out a fire in its early stages if there are multiple flames in different parts of a ship.

“We hope that expect rapid fire fighting is possible when installed in cargo ships, passenger ships, marine plants, and high-rise apartments where fire ladders are not available, along with the military sector,” KIMM’s senior researcher Chung Jung-hoon said in a statement.

Ship-related technology 

The new system was created as part of a civil and military technology development project led by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD), a defence technology development agency, in collaboration with Chungnam National University, the Korea Military Academy, and Super Century, a private company specialising in ship-related technology and hardware development.

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Source: Aju Business Daily


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