AI Revolution: Empowering Human Potential


Mohit Joshi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tech Mahindra dismisses concerns of mass unemployment due to artificial intelligence (AI) integration, emphasizing its potential to enhance human capabilities. Speaking at the NASSCOM Tech Leadership Forum 2024, Joshi highlights the role of generative AI in improving productivity and efficiency while reducing workforce performance differentials.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Human Potential

Joshi asserts that AI empowers individuals by accelerating learning curves and providing “superhuman capabilities.” Contrary to fears of job displacement, he believes AI will augment talent, levelling the playing field across workforce tiers.

Future of Work: Hybrid Model and Collaboration

Joshi advocates for a hybrid work model, balancing remote and office work. While acknowledging the productivity of remote work for certain tasks, he emphasizes the importance of collaboration in an office setting, suggesting a more fluent and natural exchange of ideas among colleagues.

Finding the Middle Ground: Shaping the Future Workplace

Anticipating a shift towards hybrid work arrangements, Joshi predicts a gradual transition away from exclusive remote or office-based work. He emphasizes the need to strike a balance between remote flexibility and in-person collaboration, suggesting a redefined future workplace landscape.

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