AI Revolutionizes Shipboard Security!

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The anticipated explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on board ships will keep crews safer and reduce risks to cargo and machinery.

AI-Powered Safety at Sea

Shipowners are installing closed circuit television (CCTV) to keep track of operations on their vessels and are considering using AI to advance fleet operations. ShipIn Systems founder and chief executive Osher Perry said an AI-powered platform can be applied to CCTV events such as safety or security hazards, operational anomalies and machinery concerns in near real-time.

CCTV on board vessels constantly monitor seafarers’ movements and can support their welfare by helping prevent health issues, bullying and sexual harassment on board.

“It creates a safe space for mariners concerned about sexual harassment or bullying, as all on board know that footage of any unacceptable behavior’s can be retrieved almost immediately,” he said.

AI-Powered Fleet Safety

US Navy’s Implementation: The US Navy is implementing AI systems on board its ships to safeguard women and protect them from sexual harassment to comply with a 2022 US law. The commercial maritime space is a bit behind when it comes to adopting AI technology, said Mr. Perry.

He added AI technology not only improves safety on board but also boosts vessels’ operational efficiency, reducing costs in one example by US$400,000 per ship each year – which could result in significant savings when applied across an entire fleet.

AI-Powered CCTV Cameras:

  • Athens, Greece-based shipowner Laskaridis Shipping Co is rolling out ShipIn’s FleetVision platform across its fleet of 90 vessels in the coming months.
  •  Laskaridis is installing ShipIn’s AI-powered CCTV cameras on board to detect discrete events like maintenance, navigation and cargo operations.
  • The platform will automatically alert the Laskaridis team both on board and onshore to any safety or security risks, in near real-time, creating a digital record powered by fleetwide analytics.

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Source: Riviera


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