Aircraft carrier Shinano Sinks Killing 1,435



Shinano was an aircraft carrier built by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II.  Shinano was the third of the three Yamato class battleships, the largest and most massively armed battleships of the world up to that time.

Shinano was laid down in May 1940.  The battleship was converted into a super aircraft carrier during which the hull was partially completed following a disastrous Japanese losses of four carriers during the Battle of Midway in 1942.  She was completed for trials in 1944.

She was en route to Kure Naval Base for the completion of her construction and was also carrying a cargo of 50 Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka rocket propelled flying bombs.

Shinano had serious design flaws, an inexperienced crew, inadequate pumps and fire control system and had no carrier aircraft on board.

On November 29, 1944, she was sunk just 10 days after being commissioned.  American submarine USS Archerfish (SS-311) fired 4 torpedoes at Shinano.  There were 2515 men on board and she sank taking 1,435 men to their deaths

Source: Wikipedia


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