Airseas Achieves Milestone with Successful Traction Flights

Credit: via AirSeas

“This achievement is extremely exciting for the entire team. It is also a turning point for our commercial development and progress towards large-scale production,” says Airseas’ Co-Founder and CEO, Vincent Bernatets. 

 New remarkable technology

Airseas’ Seawing achieves significant progress as automated take-off and landing function flawlessly. The upcoming stages of sea trials will focus on dynamic flying to optimize traction power, collect performance data, and refine the automated flight system. These trials, conducted during the commercial operations of Ville de Bordeaux between Europe and the United States, serve as a platform to test and validate the Seawing system. Leveraging expertise from the aerospace industry in flight control and automation, this technology continues to demonstrate its remarkable capabilities.


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Source: LinkedIn