Alternative Fuel Market Insights: Trends And Analysis


The latest fuel switch snapshot highlights fluctuations in LNG prices, with Rotterdam and Singapore experiencing notable changes. Additionally, biofuel demand and availability are showing signs of movement in key bunkering hubs.

LNG Prices Decline

  • Rotterdam sees a drop in LNG prices, with significant discounts compared to bio-blends.
  • Singapore’s LNG offers a substantial discount to popular biofuel blends, indicating a preference for conventional fossil LNG.

VLSFO Stability and Demand

  • Rotterdam’s VLSFO benchmark remains stable, with availability steady.
  • Singapore witnesses a rise in VLSFO prices, driven by high demand for larger stems, prompting longer lead times from suppliers.

Biofuel Market Dynamics

  • Rotterdam experiences steady prices for B24-VLSFO bio-blend, with slight gains in POMEME-based biofuels.
  • Singapore sees modest price gains for B24-VLSFO UCOME blend, alongside increased demand shifting from Rotterdam to Singapore.

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Source: ENGINE