Alternative Low-carbon Fuels Predicted To ‘Make Headlines’


After accelerating sustainability commitments in 2021 and the COP26 climate conference in November, Freightwaves asked industry experts what trends they think will be at the forefront of sustainability in 2022.

Tyler Cole, director of carbon intelligence at FreightWaves, said that sustainability commitments will grow the most, and he predicted that alternative low-carbon fuels such as renewable natural gas (RNG), e-fuels, hydrogen, and electric vehicles, will steal headlines in 2022.

Alternative fuels and electrification

Freight companies will likely allocate substantial resources to the R&D of alternative fuels, such as green ammonia and hydrogen, clean technologies such as electrification, and increased logistics efficiencies. New regulations, such as green port initiatives and possible carbon levies, will play an important role in aligning targets and stimulating innovation throughout the industry.

A focus point for sustainability in supply chains for 2022 will be sustainable freight and reducing emissions from transportation fuels. Undeniably, heavy-duty trucking is under intense pressure from policy to decarbonize.

As challenges to heavy-duty trucking electrification come to light, the global discussion will likely shift toward alternative fueling options such as RNG for heavy-duty vehicles, which can help companies meet their sustainability targets now.

Where we expect to see significant progress in the coming year particularly in terms of commitments from transport providers but also from producers and potentially also governments is sustainable aviation and marine fuels.

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Source: FreightWaves


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