Amazingly Expensive TV Show


Amazingly Expensive TV Show From Amazon With A-List Talent


Amazon Prime is going to roll out three car-based motoring program in 2016 which the producers hope will captivate viewers in the UK and around the world.

They are the popular artistes who featured in Top Gear, the hit BBC Two show.  It is going to be expensive because they are all A-list talents and they all know it is worth a lot to appear in TV serials.

They drifted away from BBC to carve out a golden age of television as serialized TV is currently enjoying “very high investment”.  This brings an increased time to tell a story with a lot of storytelling possibilities.  Also when mixed with movie-like production standards with the A-list talent the result is amazing.

Amazon was chosen by the migrants from BBC Two because it gives them the freedom to make the program they want.

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