Amazon’s Generative AI Beats GPT-3.5

Credit: yender-gonzalez-unsplash
  • When OpenAI launched ChatGPT just over two months ago, it set in motion a chatbot mega-race with contenders like Microsoft, Google, Baidu, and Amazon.
  • OpenAI launched ChatGPT to the public just over two months ago, immediately shoving the AI-powered chatbot into the centre of mainstream discourse, with debates about how it could alter business, education, and more.

ChatGPT competitors: Amazon jumps into fray with generative AI better than GPT-3.5, states a Moneycontrol news source.

Generative AI

Then, tech giants Google and Baidu, based in China, launched their chatbots to show the public that their so-called “generative AI” (technology that can make conversational text, graphics, and more) is also ready for prime time.

Now, on the ScienceQA benchmark, Amazon’s new language models do better than GPT-3.5 by 16 percentage points (75.17%) than GPT-3.5, and even outperform many humans.


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Source: Money Control


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