Amazon’s New Multimodal AI to Rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT Model


Amazon is reportedly working on a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, code-named Metis, designed to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. According to a Business Insider report, the chatbot will be capable of performing a wide range of generative AI tasks, including creating text content, responding to queries, and generating images.

Amazon’s AI platform should launch by September this year, which will coincide with Amazon’s annual Devices and Services event.

The e-commerce giant aims to directly compete with ChatGPT through its in-house AI model, as cited by sources familiar with the project. Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and deep thought, Metis will be accessible via a web browser, similar to other popular AI chatbots.

The chatbot will be powered by Amazon’s proprietary AI model called Olympus, which is said to be more advanced than the existing Titan large language model (LLM) used in some of Amazon’s products. Metis will utilize a multimodal AI model, enabling it to generate text and images, a feature that distinguishes it from ChatGPT, which requires a separate subscription to Dall-E for image generation.

One of the key features of Metis will be its use of a retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) AI framework. This framework combines text generation with information retrieval from large datasets, enhancing the quality of responses. Metis will also be able to access and retrieve information from the internet, providing near real-time updates, such as stock prices — a capability that many AI chatbots struggle with. However, GPT-4-powered ChatGPT and Gemini already offer similar functionalities.

The project is being developed by Amazon’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) division, led by Senior Vice President and Head Scientist Rohit Prasad. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is also reportedly heavily involved in the development of Metis.

If successful, the Metis chatbot could significantly impact the AI chatbot market, offering advanced features and functionalities that may attract users looking for a comprehensive AI assistant. As Amazon continues to innovate in the AI space, the launch of Metis will be closely watched by industry experts and consumers alike.

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Source: Firstpost