Americas Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook


Engine reports of the Americas bunker fuel availability outlook.

North America

Prompt VLSFO and LSMGO availability remains normal in the Houston area. LSMGO can be tight for prompt dates in New Orleans. A supplier has a tight schedule for delivery dates 3-7 days out. Another supplier can commit to that lead time.

VLSFO and LSMGO grades are available for prompt delivery dates in New York, but can be tight for deliveries with very prompt 0-3 days of lead time, with two suppliers unable to commit because of busy schedules.

Suppliers in Los Angeles can accommodate prompt stems. At least two suppliers can deliver the two grades with 3-4 days of lead time, but longer lead times are generally recommended to ensure full coverage from all suppliers.

This week has seen volatile price levels and short offer validities from several suppliers. 20-minute offer validities are not uncommon.

Caribbean and Latin America

While prompt LSMGO availability is generally good in North American ports, the grade can still be tight in Panama’s Balboa and Cristobal.

Panama is estimated have received only 56,000 b/d of gasoil and diesel so far in August, according to Vortexa. This is much less than the 87,000 b/d it has averaged across the year to date.

But gasoil and diesel imports are set to ramp up considerably over the rest of August, with 242,000 b/d projected across the whole of August. Cargo volumes will mostly come from US Gulf Coast ports including Houston, Port Arthur and Garyville, but also Richmond on the US West Coast, and Russia’s Taman.

Panamanian ports are also projected to import more fuel oil across August (98,000 b/d) than in the month so far (86,000 b/d) and across the year to date (90,000 b/d), Vortexa data shows. The US Gulf Coast ports of Texas City and Galveston feature among Panama’s top fuel oil sources. Other sources will be New York, Mexico’s Salina Cruz Oax and Chile’s San Vicente.

VLSFO and LSMGO availability is tight off Trinidad and in the island’s ports. A supplier is unable to deliver LSMGO with 3-7 days of lead time in Point Lisas as its barge is occupied in a different location.

VLSFO availability looks good for the coming two weeks in Rio Grande, a source says.
VLSFO and LSMGO have been readily available for prompt dates at the Zona Comun anchorage. A supplier can deliver in two days. Zona Comun’s VLSFO premiums over Rio Grande and Paranagua have come sharply down, from around $50/mt last Friday to $18/mt now.

Brief spells of strong winds are forecast to hit Zona Comun in between Sunday and Tuesday, and gale-force winds from Wednesday evening next week. Bunker disruptions are possible.

The Seamen’s Union in Argentina’s port of Bahia Blanca called a protest that started on Tuesday. Tugboat services in the port will only run from 07.00-19.00 local time (10.00-22.00 GMT) until further notice, Antares Ship Agents says. Other Argentinian ports are unaffected by the protest.

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