Ammonia-Fueled Gas Carriers Take A Step Forward With Enova Grant


  • Amon Gas, a new subsidiary of Amon Maritime, has received a significant investment grant from Norwegian financier Enova.
  • This grant marks a major milestone in developing carbon-free transportation within the gas carrier segment.

Building a Sustainable Future

The funding will be used to construct a series of new gas carriers powered by ammonia. The initial phase includes firm orders for two vessels, planned to be operational by 2028. These innovative ships will utilize ammonia for both propulsion and onboard power, even when transporting Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cargo. Additionally, the design incorporates the latest energy-saving measures to further enhance efficiency.

Reduced Emissions and Environmental Impact

Gas carriers are known for their high fuel consumption. Switching to ammonia fuel offers a dramatic reduction in environmental impact. Calculations estimate an 87% decrease in carbon emissions compared to conventional vessels, with ambitions for further improvements towards complete elimination.

Strategic Advantages for Ammonia Fuel

“If ammonia is the fuel of the future, it will lead to a high growth in sea transport of ammonia,” says Steinar Kostøl, CTO of Amon Maritime. This approach offers a strategic advantage, as ammonia is already the primary cargo for many gas carriers. This eliminates the “chicken-and-egg” dilemma of establishing refueling infrastructure, since the fuel is readily available on board. Additionally, the cost of adapting existing ammonia carrier designs for ammonia fuel is lower compared to retrofitting other vessel types.

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Source: Clean Shipping International