Ammonia-Fueled Tanker Design In Development By Industry Leaders


  • Leading companies in the maritime industry are collaborating to design an ammonia-fueled Medium Range (MR) tanker. This project signifies a significant step towards cleaner shipping practices.

A collaborative effort between WinGD (marine power), Alfa Laval (marine technology), ABS (classification society), and K Shipbuilding (shipbuilder) aims to develop a design for an ammonia-fueled MR tanker. This initiative, established through a memorandum of understanding signed in April 2024, reflects the industry’s commitment to reducing emissions and exploring alternative fuels.

Project Details

  • The design will incorporate WinGD’s 6X52DF-A engine, the first developed in their ammonia-fueled X-DF-A series.
  • WinGD and K Shipbuilding will collaborate on fuel gas system specifications tailored to the chosen engine and the vessel’s application.
  • Alfa Laval will provide detailed documentation for the final fuel gas system design.
  • ABS will evaluate the design with the goal of issuing an approval in principle (AIP).

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives:

  • WinGD emphasizes the growing momentum for ammonia-fueled tankers and their X-DF-A engines being a central technology in these projects. They believe developing complete designs will expedite the transition to cleaner fuels.
  • Alfa Laval highlights their expertise in diverse fuel types and its importance in designing the ammonia fuel supply system. They view collaboration as crucial for achieving ambitious decarbonization goals.

Engine Specifications

  • The 6X52DF-A is the smallest engine in WinGD’s X-DF-A series and has already secured orders for two ammonia carriers scheduled for delivery in early 2026.
  • ABS is among four classification societies that have issued approvals in principle for the X-DF-A series, assuring safe operation for shipowners.

Collaborative Approach

WinGD emphasizes the significance of Joint Development Projects (JDPs) and industry partnerships in their ammonia engine development. These collaborations focus on vessel designs, crew training, and ensuring the safe operation of ammonia-fueled ships.

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Source: WinGD


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