Amogy Enters Ammonia Collaboration With South Korean Partners


  • Hanwha Ocean signed a contract to purchase Amogy’s ammonia-to-electrical power system including Hanwha Aerospace’s hydrogen fuel cell system.
  • Hanwha Aerospace plans to pursue a contract with Amogy to begin cooperation between the three companies within the year.
  • Three companies will work together to deploy an ammonia-powered commercial vessel

Amogy, Hanwha Ocean and Hanwha Aerospace have agreed to collaborate on the deployment of an ammonia-powered commercial vessel, reads an official release.

Deployment of an ammonia-powered commercial vessel

Under a new contract, Hanwha Ocean will purchase Amogy’s ammonia-to-electrical power system and Hanwha Aerospace’s hydrogen fuel cell system.

The partnership between the three companies is expected to begin within the year, with the aim of decarbonising the maritime industry via Amogy’s tech.

By combining Amogy systems with Hanwha Ocean’s shipbuilding capabilities and Hanwha Aerospace’s fuel cell system expertise, the collaboration wants to set “a new standard for clean energy in the maritime sector,” according to Seonghoon Woo, Amogy CEO.

Seunghak Moon, Head of E-Propulsion System Business Group at Hanwha Aerospace, added, “As hydrogen fuel cell systems integrated with ammonia systems are essential for decarbonisation in the marine industry, we will maximise synergy through this partnership with Hanwha Ocean and Amogy.”

This technology can play an important role in the Net Zero ecosystem for maritime transportation.”

Amogy’s Jonathan Breen, Director of Product Management, told H2 View that ammonia will “play an integral role as a backbone fuel to decarbonise the maritime industry. Amogy believes that ammonia, with its vast network of existing production, distribution and storage infrastructure, provides a solid foundation for the future zero-carbon fuel value chain in shipping.”

The company recently agreed to explore the potential application of ammonia cracking technology onboard ITOCHU’s maritime vessels.

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Source: Amogy