Amogy Starts Testing Ammonia-to-power Platform for Maritime Uses

Credit: jose-lebron-unsplash

Brooklyn-based technology startup Amogy has signed a letter of intent and a lease with Sustainable Energy Catapult Center to kick-start testing operations for its 200kW ammonia-to-power platform in Norway, reports Offshore Energy.

The operations will take place at Amogy’s recently launched testing facility for new and sustainable energy solutions in Stord. This is seen as a crucial step for the company to expand its footprint in Norway and become the first to demonstrate the viability of its platform for decarbonising maritime vessels.

Ammonia-to-power platform

Amogy announced the opening of its Stavanger, Norway headquarters and the appointment of Christian Berg as Managing Director of Amogy Norway in September 2022.

Now, the company will focus on test programs for a 200kW powerpack prior to its installation on a tugboat later this year. Following the tugboat demo, Amogy plans to continue using the Stord facility for continuous testing for up to several months at a time.

Amogy has developed a proprietary ammonia-to-power platform that relies on ammonia cracking technology. By extracting hydrogen onboard for fuel in a hydrogen engine, the platform is said to offer a scalable, sustainable solution to decarbonising heavy-duty vehicles and supply chains.

To date, the technology has been demonstrated in a drone, John Deere tractor, and Class 8 Semi truck. Amogy is working on scaling it for use in maritime vessels, with plans to pursue a 1MW ammonia-powered tugboat demonstration and an inland barge retrofit in partnership with Southern Devall.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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