AMSA Imposes 180-Day Ban On Bulk For Safety Violations


  • The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has banned the Indian-flagged bulk carrier for 180 days due to repeated safety violations, including failure to report serious defects to the main engine and machinery.
  • AMSA inspectors discovered multiple maintenance issues during an inspection at the Port of Melbourne, prompting the ban and highlighting the importance of compliance with maritime safety regulations.

In a significant move aimed at safeguarding the Australian marine environment and ensuring the safety of crew members, AMSA has imposed a 180-day ban on the Indian-flagged bulk carrier.

Safety Violations Uncovered

During an inspection conducted by AMSA inspectors at the Port of Melbourne on April 26, 2024, multiple maintenance issues were identified on board. These included defective main engine control and monitoring systems, faulty engine room alarm monitoring systems, and inadequate maintenance following surveys, resulting in 19 deficiencies. Additionally, the vessel’s safety management system was found lacking in ensuring proper maintenance and reporting of defects.

Risks to Marine Environment and Crew Safety

AMSA Executive Director of Operations Michael Drake emphasized the serious risks posed by the identified defects to both the Australian marine environment and the safety of the Bulk’s crew. He highlighted the potential consequences of engine failures during critical navigation, such as in narrow channels, which could lead to groundings or collisions with other vessels or structures.

Enforcement and Regulatory Measures

Drake emphasized AMSA’s commitment to upholding maritime safety standards and its zero-tolerance policy towards unsafe vessels operating in Australian waters. The issuance of the 180-day ban underscores the authority’s determination to hold ship operators accountable for compliance with safety regulations. He also referenced Marine Notice 10/2022, issued in November 2022, as part of AMSA’s efforts to ensure ship operators are aware of their responsibilities and obligations.

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Source:  AMSA